Oregon State Legislature – Senate Bill 762 – Exempts Sexual Assault victims from arrest

I write in support of Senate Bill 762 – Relating to immunity from prosecution. This bill seems like something that should be common sense, and so it should absolutely be law. Sexual Assault Victims must not be afraid to come forward. And being arrested or prosecuted is a huge reason to be fearful about coming forward. While there is a problem with underage drinking, without this bill, we are prioritizing prosecuting underage drinking over prosecuting sexual assault. We need to ensure that citizens know that they are safe when they talk to law enforcement, and not fearful that they have to incriminate

The Butterfly Effect – Navigating the hurricane a flutter caused

A Butterfly flaps its wings … As I attempt to come to terms with the issues I discussed in my previous post (If you haven’t read that post, I urge you to do that first to understand the issues surrounding this post), I start to realize how such a small thing (small in the sense the actual events were only hours long if you add them all together) can cause so many issues down the line. Every part of my life has been negatively effected by this. The issues that caused everything from my dropping out of high school to my early discharge